Convert Pressure Washer into Sewer Jet

Open the valve and remove the water hose from the electric pressure washer and Unhook the drain plug and set it aside for converting it into a sewer jet. In the open position, the drain plug will be in the back of the drain pipe. In the closed position, it is usually located in the front.

Now that the valve is open, you can turn the valve on. Keep in mind not to open it all the way rather, you just have to turn the valve a quarter turn clockwise to start draining the water out. Turn it back off again. Close the valve and reattach the hose to the pressure washer. Next, take your new drain pipes and screw them into the drain pipe. Make sure they fit tightly and that they are securely fastened. If there is any space between the drain pipes and the drain plug, it is okay as long as it is not obstructing the drain pipes. When it comes to attaching a drainpipe, do not try to drill holes. You need to make sure that your drain pipes are properly screwed.

Convert Pressure Washer into Sewer Jet

When the drainpipe is screwed, make sure that all the dirt and debris are removed from the drain pipe. After cleaning the drainpipe, replace the valve. Do not try to close the valve before the drainpipe is cleaned. It is recommended to replace the valve after you have cleaned the drain pipe. After that, replace the drain plug in its appropriate location.

Replace the valve in its appropriate position and screw the drain plug into place. Check and make sure that it is fastened firmly and is not leaking. If so, replace the valve and reattach the drain plug.

Connecting Drain to Sewer Jet

Now, connect the drains to the sewer. If your drain system has several pipes connected to the sewer jet, you may need to loosen the water pipes first before the sewer pipes are connected to the washer to ensure that the washer is able to accommodate the extra volume of water that will flow out. The last thing you need to do is to convert your pressure washer to a sewer jetter. using an existing sewer line or connecting the new drain pipes to the drainpipe that will be connected to the sewer outlet.

In order to convert a pressure washer to a sewer jetter, you will need to open the valves on both the water and sewer lines. You can either do this by turning the handles of the valve the opposite way, or by manually opening them. Turn the water valves so that they are at an angle to the valve housing. This will allow water to drain from the tank through the valve and into the sewer pipe. Then, turn on the pressure washer valve and wait for the water to fill the tank. Once you have filled the tank, shut the water valve, and flush the toilet tank by flushing the toilet. Repeat the procedure with the sewer valve for the drain plug to close and open the valve. Now, reconnect the drain plug to the washer.

Turning the Valve

You can either do this by turning the valve off, or by simply putting the plug back on your pressure washer. In case of failure to close the drain plug, turn the handle clockwise until you find a way to turn the pressure washer valve on. Turn the handle again and watch the pressure washer drain the water out of the tank.

The last thing you need to do is to disconnect the drain plugs from the washer. You can disconnect the drain plug by unscrewing it or by using pliers. In the former case, turn off the washer valve to the normal position, then put the screwdriver back on to disconnect the washer.

After this, close the valve on the washer, making sure that the washer is closed. and then re-attach the drain plugs to the drain pipes and shut the valves off. Now you are ready to convert your pressure washer to a sewer jet.

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