Electric Pressure Washer Stalls When Spraying

An electric pressure washer is a device that pumps water, It has an electric motor. And they are stall during using the electric pressure washer. The device takes in water from a faucet, which the pump then takes in and accelerates to high pressure. The water is then thrown at high speed through a trigger gun. It is a highly sophisticated device invented for our ease by installing an electric motor for different uses.

This device was earlier used without an electric motor but did not succeed due to its slow yet disgracing quality. In contrast, an electric motor added a considerable amount of convenience and facility to the average pressure washer.

Electric Pressure Washer Stalls When Spraying

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An electric pressure washer helps in cleaning various surfaces. It is used for heavy-duty cleaning that removes all sorts of dirt, smoke, moss, and grime. Washing and cleaning are necessary; therefore, every house requires healthy cleaning, and for this use, an electric pressure washer has been installed for people’s ease.


However, every device comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so the electric pressure washer comes with constant stalling complaints. Electric Pressure Washer frequently stall while spraying because of some reasons, and the validation of these reasons can only be reached through in-depth scrutiny. The stalling of the machine is a common issue and often occurs. Below are some points that will help you fix the problem.

Fresh Air

The Electric Pressure washer demands a constant supply of fresh air that helps the machine work accurately. If the air supply isn’t exact, the electric pressure will get clogged, leading to an electric pressure washer stall.


A reason for the constant stalling of your electric pressure can also be the capacitor’s wrong placement. Make sure to check the capacitor consistently; it might need an adjustment or replacement, causing a break to the working of the electric pressure washer.


If the release nozzle of the electric pressure washer isn't pressed immediately after the machine starts, it will not cycle. The electric pressure washer requires an amount of pressure to create inside the pump, which automatically can turn the switch either on or off.

If your Electric pressure works for some seconds and shuts off eventually, it does so to prime the pump. It cycles after you push the trigger again. Once you press the trigger of the spray gun, the water starts running. The machine has some unique features as it is an electrical appliance, but soon, you will adapt to the process.

Water Sensor

The electric pressure contains a water sensor that will detect the movement of water flowing and switches the engine on automatically. This function can be changed by switching the engine off. Next, hold the trigger gun, and during this, turn the switch on, so the water continues running.

Unload-er Valve

Another cause of the breakdown of the machine can be its bad unloader valve. This is located on the top of the device, usually in a black handle.

When the piston in the unloader valve fails to shift the water flow, the water will stop running through the nozzle. The pressure inside the pump will be keen to develop a situation where it will be quite dangerous to continue the machine going, so it would turn off automatically. In this particular case, the unloader valve should be changed, or install a new one.

Power Cable and Wall Plug

If the electric pressure washer is causing problems, then do check the extension cord. The connection might be loose or broken if this is the issue, then change the extension cord and install a new one with the help of a lamp or something.

While if this is not the problem occurring, then keep in mind checking the wall plug. Check that there is no problem with the cable and plug, and in case the electric pressure washer has a removable connector, check it as well. GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). If your machine has a GFCI, then make sure you observe it as well. They often break and might need a change. If the green light is enabled, then it must be working correctly.

Preparation before repair

Before repairing the system, make sure you dry your hands or any other wet part. The wet part might cause an electric current, due to its electric motor connection, it can be harmful. Wear gloves and sturdy boots for protection.

Inline Screen

Secondly, if your electric pressure washer has an inline screen connected to its ward extension, then do check it as well. If it’s clogged, then clean it; besides this, clean it regularly for better working. If it is broken or damaged, replace it with a new one.

Spray tip or Spray gun

Carefully inspect the spray tips or spray guns and the want extension of your electric pressure washer. You must be keen that the connections around the house are all safe and secure without any damage or harm. Also, check the spray gun trigger and lock. If the fault is found there, then replace it with a new one.

High-Pressure Hose

Examine the high-pressure hose, check if there are any breaks, cracks, cuts, holes, or gaps. If there are any, then change them following the manufacturer's instructions and always buy an approved product.

Detergent Siphoning Tube

Now, observe the detergent siphoning tube, if it is clogged, then clean it correctly and if it’s equipped with a filter, then check the conditions and instructions.


If the electric pressure washer creates any problem or fault, try examining the parts and products functioning inside it instead of panicking. Read the instructions and follow the manufacturer’s advice. Make sure the entire system has no breaks, clogged, and replace parts if damaged.

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