Can You Pressure Wash a Rug?

Cleaning a rug area rugs are usually used for decorating the house. It’s an amazing idea for keeping warmth and comfort. An area rug can change the entire look of your room or house. But usually, rugs can get dirty very soon with regular cleaning. We can wash the area rug at home also by using an electric pressure washer.

Carefully use of an electric pressure washer can make your work easier. But some types of rugs could be damaged by using a pressure washer. Such as oriental rugs, natural fiber rugs, and wool rugs. Polyester rugs are the best rugs for pressure cleaning. For cleaning an area rug, you will need the Water, Washing agents, Brush or scrubber, and electric pressure washer.

Cleaning A Rug Area

how to clean a rug area with an Electric pressure washer

Clean it thoroughly with an electric pressure washer and do it barefooted because shoes can make your rug messy. Try to remove excess water from the rug and place it in a good place to dry out. Place it where it can reach air. Sunlight is the most effective way to dry a rug.

Before using a pressure washer make sure that it is prepared for cleaning all equipment is attached to the pressure washer keep the nozzle at a good distance and thoroughly rinse it well with water and make sure that no soap is left in the rug. Rinse the entire rug with water.

Rug Area With Detergent

Remove water from the rug and look thoroughly at stains and apply a detergent on stains but carefully because using a large quantity of detergent may cause discoloring in your rug after applying detergent leave it for few minutes and then rub it carefully with a help of a scrubber until it’s clean.

Soaking before washing the rug is essential for detail cleaning. First, soak the rug in soapy water. Never use hot water in rug cleaning. Dish washing liquids are best for cleaning rugs it keeps your rug soft more than before.

Choosing A Specific Area

We have to choose a specific area for cleaning. Outdoor cleaning is best for rugs cleaning. Before cleaning makes sure that the place is clean where to place the rug. Lay the rug upside down on the floor and remove dirt and dust or things that can be wiped out.

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