How to Replace an O-Ring in an Electric Pressure Washer Wand

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Introduction of Electric Pressure Washer Wand:

it’s very simple and easy to replace an O-Ring in an electric pressure washer wand if you are a technical and experienced person. Electric Pressure Washer wands are commonly used nowadays. Instead of spending hours wasting soaps, excessive water, and putting a lot of chemicals, people prefer to use electric pressure washer wands. These are utilized and preferred because of their ease. Excessive water with heavy pressure is thrown upon to blast things clean with pressurized water. This pressurized water cleans the surface 100-200 times more quickly. With increased pressure, water tends to rub the surface hence cleaning it. Electric Pressure Washer wands have a narrow, high-pressure jet of hot and cold water to remove dirt and dung.

How Electric Pressure Washer wands Work:

Electric Pressure Washer wands are just a water pump powered by an electric motor. The pump takes the water from any tap and electric motor throws this water with extremely high pressure to shower it thoroughly over the surface hence clean it. Various other attachments can be put at the end of the pump depending upon the type of surface you want to clean.

The main parts of an Electric Pressure Washer wands are as follows:

●Water Inlet

●Electric Motor or Gas Engine

●Water pump

●Pressure Hose

●Other Cleaning Attachments

It’s as simple as you can read. Starting from, Water Inlet, this is the hose from where the wand gets water. Electric motor to um that water with heavy pressure and increasing speed. The water pump sucks water in and supplies it to the pump powered by the electric motor. Pressure Hose is a tube that comes out of the washer to clean the surfaces and all the other attachments are stuck to this as well. Lastly, cleaning attachments are for use according to the required cleaning surface. That’s how any general Electric Pressure Washer wand works. It’s very simple yet helpful and quite in need of time to have such ones.

How to Replace an O-Ring of Electric Pressure Washer:

The first question that comes to mind is, what is this replace an O-Ring in an electric pressure washer. Well, these O-rings are basically the rubber bands to keep all the joints in place in a washer. They work like joints that are in our bones which keep them moving and working. But, obviously, if it gets damaged then definitely it would affect the working of the electric pressure washer. Now if the question comes to your mind that why the electric pressure washer leaking that then definitely it would be the main reason that the o-ring of the washer is damaged which is causing leakage and troubling you.

These O-rings keep all the joints of the washer intact and firm but yes saying so, keep in mind that these are made to have deteriorated with the passage of time as they are just round pieces of rubber. They are not heavy metals at all.

Next question is, how are things O-rings replaced

Frankly speaking, it’s not a hard nut to crack at all. It can be done by anyone if proper guidelines are given. You can also do it by following these simple steps.

First Step

First, make sure you have all the tools required to do this task. These tools include a tabletop vise grip, a wrench, lubricant, and a pair of tweezers. Keep all the tools with you and make sure you are doing all this under an elder’s supervision. Safety check as important as replacing this O-ring. Be conscious while using sharp metals as well.

Second Step

Second, hold the wand in your hand and simply remove it with your hands or you can also do it by using a wrench. It’s very easy. But again, use all tools carefully. Also, few models of washers have nuts to tighten the wand. In that case, use a wrench only to untie the nuts easily.

Third Step

Third, when you take out the wand, you can clearly see the old rings there. There could be one or two rings depending upon the model. Take the pair of tweezers, put it inside the hose part, and take out the old O-Ring from the wand. If they are stuck there then definitely you can put more pressure to take them out without thinking of keeping them intact as they are not going to be used anywhere else for sure. Now to clean all dirt inside, spray the lubricant inside to remove it. Then use a piece of cloth to remove all this with that hence it would be cleaned.

Fourth Step

Now place the new O-Ring inside the groove. It’s not so difficult to do so. It’s as easy as taking it out. But if you are unable to insert it then there must be a problem with the size of the o-ring. So, make sure you have chosen the right size of rings.

Last Step

Lastly, reinstall the wand properly. Make sure to tighten all the loose parts effectively. Here it goes, you have replaced the old and damaged o-ring with a new one and now you can use the electric pressure washer wand as you have been doing so before.

Necessary Precautions: 

Of course, it’s very simple and easy to replace an O-Ring in an electric pressure washer wand if you are a technical and experienced person. If you are a beginner or you are thinking of doing it after reading this, then dear, wait and most-read these cautions to be taken before practically doing so.

● Don’t get over-excited and be patient as it can be irritating for you if you fail to loosen the wand.

● Do not break the O-Ring inside while removing or inserting it as it can be more problematic. Slowly put in and out the rings keeping them intact.

● Use all the tools required properly and at their accurate place to avoid damaging the wand and wasting your time.

● Do it all under supervision if you are a beginner.

Hence, this was all about replacing an o-ring in an electric pressure washer wands, their usage, and specifically the main problem of replacing the O-rings. Keep all the points in mind and make sure to read this article thoroughly before doing anything practical.

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