Which nozzles are used with the electric high pressure washer cleaner?

The selection of high-pressure cleaners for the house and garden is huge. But what else is important after choosing your nozzles for pressure washer cleaner? That is the right choice of nozzle and lance.

The standard accessories supplied with a high-pressure cleaner usually include a combination nozzle or Vario nozzle (Karcher) as well as a rotary nozzle (dirt blaster). These types of nozzles are sufficient for most of the work around the house. But if you have a large terrace or a paved courtyard at home, you should think about suitable accessory nozzles for your pressure washer model in order to make work easier and save time.

nozzles for pressure washer

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Which nozzles are used with pressure washer cleaner?

Most manufacturers offer a so-called patio cleaner for their devices . With its help, you can effortlessly remove dirt from large areas within a very short time.

But the manufacturers also have something to offer for our two- and four-wheeled companions. Especially with the car, you should pay attention to the gentlest possible treatment/cleaning. The paint can quickly be damaged if the standard nozzle is used, the distance is incorrect and the water pressure is set too high. To prevent this from happening, gentle brush attachments with soft bristles or lamellas have been developed that do not damage the paint. So if you want to rinse your car often at home (without detergent), this nozzle would be a sensible purchase.

Rotor nozzles for pressure washer

A rotor nozzle, also known as a tornado nozzle, is the “dirt killer” of the high-pressure cleaner. This consists of a ball that sits in the nozzle. It consists largely of metal, but plastic variants are also common. With a so-called “rotating nozzle”, the water is set in a rotating motion, and water is pushed out of a small gap. In this way, the water can develop great forces. In addition, the water hits the dirt from several angles so that it is effectively loosened.

Vario nozzle

You can adjust the water jet precisely with the help of a Vario nozzle. The speed of the water’s rotation and the resulting rapidly changing force intensities create a kind of chisel effect. This is easily able to reliably remove dirt and grime from large areas. A large opening ensures a large and, above all, soft jet. In this way, light soiling can be quickly removed from a relatively large area. On the other hand, coarse dirt can be removed more easily if you set the nozzle so that a small but powerful jet emerges. In this way, particularly stubborn dirt can be removed effectively. At the same time, however, only a small area can be cleaned. Therefore, we recommend a setting in the middle to remove as much dirt as possible from an area that is not too small.

Combi nozzle

The so-called combination nozzle has two setting options. You can switch between a point jet and a flat jet with a quick turn of the nozzle tip with this type of nozzle.

When using the point jet setting, the emerging water jet is focused on a small point. Accordingly, it has a lot of power and high cleaning performance. This setting is ideal for removing small and heavy soiling.

When the flat jet is set, the emerging water jet is fanned out at the nozzle tip and thus widened. Therefore, the impinging water jet is larger in the area and not as hard as the punctual jet. Ideally suited if you want to clean a slightly larger area.

Our expert tip:

There is always a risk of injury when using a high-pressure cleaner. So use the device responsibly and never point the nozzle at people or animals.

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